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Pepperland coming Spring 2013…

October 18, 2012

News flash!  Pepperland – the novel – will be published in the spring of 2013 by Running Meter Press, an imprint of Big Earth Publishing of Boulder, CO!  Paperback and ebook. Let’s rock.

Think the Ramones meet Jane Fonda meets Bill Gates.


Pepperland is a noir love letter to the magic of music, the talismanic powers of new-fangled computers and a generational urge to change the world. It’s one big, historical, multi-track concept album.  Funny and satirical, told in fast-moving rock ‘n roll riffs and rhythms by the noted Music and Cultural Authority, Martin Alan “Pepper” Porter, Pepperland is about missing information, missing people, missing guitars, paranoia, Q & A, brothers, revolution, Agents of the Federal Government, IBM, interviews in Rolling Stone (real, imagined, or otherwise), Hugh Hefner, the birth of the Internet, a talking bear, the 18 minute Watergate tape gap, a Dark Stranger, love, death and the search for it amidst the wreckage of recession-wracked, entropically rundown mid-seventies America.

Watch for the Pepperland World Tour, coming to your town next spring…


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