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October 20, 2009

Yeah, all those new Beatle reissues have been out on the street for a while now.  I bought some.  And I’ve been asked what differences there were with these new discs.  Like a lot of folks, I’m pretty skeptical when I hear those people with golden ears talk about how this instrument or that amplifier breathes so much more or has so much chime and shimmer in the upper mids or something like that.  You know, like audiophiles used to do with high-end stereo gear.  Remember the guy with the biggest stereo, those monster speakers?  Yeah.  Anyway, I’m not one of those guys but I do hear things in these new Beatle remasters that, for me, make it all worthwhile.  And I think it has to do with air.

It’s like they took the sound of a given record and expanded it, stretched it out, allowing more space for each instrument…and yes, giving it room to breathe the air of the Abbey Road studio and I think you can hear it.  You can hear the pluck of a guitar string as it emerges from one of those old dusty Vox or Fender amps or the air around the thump of a drum and the scrape of the horsehair of some string player’s bow over a cello string.  And the vocals are there, like a faint scrim has been lifted.  And then there’s the packaging.  First rate, along with new notes/pics etc accompanying each album.  Each one is like a little well-made book.

So, yeah.  If you’ve got a favorite old Beatle album, go buy the new one and I think you’ll like it.  Great stuff.

Studio 1 at Abbey Road

Studio 1 at Abbey Road


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  1. Keep posting, dude. You’re bookmarked now.

  2. Yeah…been away from this for too long. Now that the lecture’s done et al…I’ll be back in the swing. Thanks.

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