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The Lower East Side is haunted…

August 21, 2008

After a tough-guy screenplay of a prologue–cops in fake cabs, dumb bad guys doing dumb things–Lush Life kicks off with this:

“At ten in the morning, Eric Cash, thirty-five, stepped out of his Stanton Street walk-up, lit a cigarette, and headed off to work.

When he had first moved down here eight years ago, he was seized with the notion of the Lower East Side as haunted, and on rare days like today, a simple walk like this could still bring back his fascination, traces of the nineteenth century Yiddish boomtown everywhere: in the claustrophobic gauge of the canyon-like streets with their hanging garden of ancient fire escapes, in the eroded stone satyr heads leering down between pitted window frames above the Erotic Boutique, in the faded Hebrew lettering above the old socialist cafeteria turned Asian massage parlor turned kiddie-club hot spot: all of it and more lying along Eric’s daily four block commute.”  

The 19th century Yiddish boomtown.  Price later uses the image of a collapsed Synagogue, ruins, a haunted land now inhabited by the great grandchildren of the original inhabitants who have come to this landscape to make it their own, still looking for fulfilled promises.  Still looking for clues, sifting among the rubble of the vanished civilization.  Failed dreams, failed culture, failed promises.


Still looking for clues

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